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Preachings by Bhishma to Yudhistir

Bhisma parva is a huge chapter in Mahabharatha. Bhisma is the godfather of the Hastinapura kingdom. It is his duty to guide the king one after the other in the kingdon although he does not become the king himself.

Bhisma preached all the dharmas, mainly Varnasrama Dharma which includes Bhramana dharma, Kshatritya dharma, Vaisya dharma, Sudra dharma. Then he taught him the importance of a king in preserving the dharma in the kingdom based onn his life long experience.

He also preaches Shtri dharma. Hindhu religion respects women and firmly believes the happiness of the women in the nation decides the prosperity of the nation.

Finally, most importantly he preaches Moksha dharma/Bhagavatha dharma on the request of Yudhistara.

He says the One guy standing with us now, Sri Krishna is parmatma and chanting his names is the one and only possible way to attain moksha in kali yuga.

Not only did he preach the moksha dharma but also recited Vishnu Sahsranama. Thousand priceless names of the Lord Vishnu which is supposed to be recited everyday as per the vaishnava dharma. :)

10 sins of Kaliyuga that Bhishma Pitamah warned Yudhisthira about Different Yugas and different sins: Satyug, Tretayug, Dvapara Yuga and Kaliyuga...with the change in Yugas, there is change in human character, behaviour, priorities and preferences.

Sins and Yugas: In the era of Satyuga, the importance of relationship and truthfulness of heart was the topmost priority. The things which are very common in Kaliyuga, was considered as sins in Satyuga. Sins and Yugas: After Satyuga, the era which came was Tretayuga. The time period when Lord Rama took birth. It was the Yuga where first time, the truth and righteous things were overpowered by human relationships.

Sins in Dvapara Yuga: In the Dvapara Yuga the dignity of relationships and family values declined gradually. Money, power, position overruled the human values.

Kaliyuga and Sins: As soon as the Kaliyuga arrived, human surpassed every moral value for the sake of money and power. Betrayal, cleverness, shrewdness and many more.

Sins in Kaliyuga: In puranas, it is mentioned that in Kailyuga, humans will no longer give importance to values and culture. But do you know even Bhishma Pitamah warned Yudhisthra about the sins that will increase in Kaliyuga

Part of society: These sins were present in all the Yugas but were overpowered in the Kaliyuga. As per told by Bhishma Pitamah, these sins were divided into three parts and they are 3 sins done by body, 4 sins done by vocal, and 3 sins done by heart.

1. Violence: The first sin done by body is violence. It is the most disgraceful sin among every other. Purposely doing physical violence on some living organism comes under this sin.

2. Stealing: The second sin done by body is stealing. Illegally taking someone’s property, money, things comes under this sin. If you stealing something to satisfy your greed, then you are committing a sin.

3. Lewdness: Lewdness is one of the most common sin in Kaliyuga which Bhishma Pitamah told Yudhisthira. It also comes under physical sin.

4. Our language: The way we speak to others is the true reflection of our personality. Foul language comes under physical sins. Always speak with kindness and love. The language you use shows your upbringing and thoughts.

5. Speaking without knowledge: Speaking without analyzing things is also a kind of sin. The way we speak to others is the true reflection of our personality. So always speak with wisdom.

6. Insulting elders: In the Mahabharata, it is mentioned that insulting elders equals to death. But in Kaliyuga, it is very common to disgrace elders for one's benefits.

7. Lie: Telling lie not only shows your character but can create problems for you. By telling lie your soul is hurt and chances are there that you got to hell.

8. Hurting someone: Purposely hurting someone is also a kind of sin. Thinking about someone's bad is also a part of this sin. Mental violence is much more dangerous than physical violence.

9. Physical desire: The third type of sin is having physical desire. Keeping sexual feelings for someone is kind of sin.

10. Lifestyle: Simple living high thinking should be your mool mantra. Keeping a luxurious lifestyle is a kind of sin.

Quotations and teachings of Bhisma Parva

ü Men lose good judgment in things which concern their interest.

ü Success that is obtained by negotiations and other means is the best. Success which is secured by creating disunion amongst the enemy is temporary. Success secured by battle is the worst.

ü There are many evils in battle: the first and the foremost is slaughter. Victory is always uncertain. It depends on chance. Even those that obtain victory have to suffer losses.

ü Everything rises from the earth and when destroyed everything goes into her. The earth is the stay and the refuge of all creatures. The earth is eternal.

ü If the resources of the earth are properly developed, she is then like an all-yielding cow, from which the threefold objects of Dharma, Artha and Kama might be milked. With the desire of enjoying the earth, men have become like dogs that snatch meat from one another.

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