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World Income - What is world income and how to efficiently pay tax?

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What are the criteria for taxing World Income in India? How does it work?

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Tax Credit for NRI - For taxes paid outside India like the USA, UK, etc can tax credits be claimed?

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Sale of Property, NRI Income - If I sell my inherited property in India, do I have to pay taxes in India (I am an NRI settled in the USA with no other source of income)?

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How do we neutralize double taxation of the same income, if I have a recurring income (like Interest, Dividend, Rent & Capital Gains in India), and what is the mechanics of that structure?

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What is probate and is it compulsory in India? How costly and time -consuming is it? What are its alternative?

08 Nominate.jpg

If I have nominations, should I also do a will?

09 family.jpg

Is a family arrangement necessary in spite of a will?

10 wealth.jpg

How do I build up wealth in a low-interest regime?

11 nri investment.jpg

NRI Investing in India - As an NRI if I have surplus funds, what are the best investment options in India?

13 invest gold.jpg

Is Gold a viable investment in spite of its volatility?

12 gold.jpg

Gold Investing and Volatility - Are Gold price fluctuations due to demand -supply or other factors?

14 own house.jpg

Is your own house where you reside considered as wealth?

15 SALARY.jpg

What structuring can be done for a high salaried person to minimize tax outflow?

16 family.jpg

How do I avoid conflicts in Family Managed Business by Succession Planning?

Questions like these and more are often unanswered by the Financial Expert or Tax Consultant or Financial Planner. So, whom do you approach?

A lawyer understands law, rules and regulations and documentation, but is clueless on Financial and tax issues that have over-riding effects. A Tax and Wealth consultant have a one size fits all model that doesn’t apply to everyone. 


We at Wealth & Estate Planning fill this gap, restructure your wealth, and provide solutions to such questions and issues that are unique to you. With our expertise in Investing, Accounting, Economics, Legal, and Tax in India and abroad we take away the complexities and deliver Wealth that you and your family can enjoy! 


Our fee-only model provides non-conflicting and transparent service to our clients.



Bijal Shah Chokshi

An MBA by qualification, she has been involved with Finance and Investment since her days at CNBC TV18. While publishing books on Finance and simplifying it over the years, she has got a layman’s perspective to what most people consider complex. With experience and network over the years, the team provides tailormade solutions, that is a win-win for both parties.


Mr. Harshad Shah

Chartered Accountant by profession, Economist by passion, Researcher by interest, and Philanthropist by nature.


He stood in the All India Merit list in CA.


43+ years of blended experience with 26 years of corporate experience across industries like Aptech and Hexaware as CFO, Nelco (Tata Group), and Warner-Lambert (USA MNC, which has since merged with Pfizer Inc. USA).


13 years as Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer in Vadodara-Gujarat. He is a member of CREDAI (Real Estate Association of Builders in India).


Trainer and Prolific speaker on Personal Finance, Wealth & Estate Planning for CXO level


Currently practicing CA in Mumbai, specializing for NRI- Tax and Property sale remittances to India, HUF Consulting, Estate Planning, Personal Finance, and Tax Planning.


Convener & Speaker at the International Economics Study Group at Bombay Chartered Accountants’ Society (BCAS) & Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). 


Disclosure: He doesn’t have any conflict of interest in any advice as being CA there are regulatory restrictions from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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