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Food habits defines class in India & USA

In America, the very poor working class eats burgers, pizza and chicken from McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut.

Rich millionaires of America and Europe eat fresh vegetables boiled.

It is a great luxury to have hot bread (roti) / bread made of fresh dough.

Having salad of fresh fruits and vegetables is considered being fortunate over there.

Only rich people can afford fresh green leafy vegetables.

Poor people eat packaged food. They keep the week’s / month's ration in the freezer kept in their cellars and keep eating it after heating them in Micro Wave Oven.

Nowadays the newly rich people of Indian cities celebrate their children's birthdays in McDonalds. On the other hand, in America, no decent middle class man can even think of celebrating his child's birthday in McDonalds. They feel, what will people think? Are we going through such bad phase? Are we so poor that we have to celebrate birthdays in McDonald?

The poorest man of India eats fresh vegetables, freshly boiled dal and rice, fresh cucumber. They do not eat refrigerated food.

Now understand from this how the mentality of slavery is in our hearts and minds. Europe, America is craving to have fresh food like us and we are craving to eat stale packaged food kept in the fridge like them.

We take for granted the luxury of Americans that is readily available to us here and we crave to adopt their poverty.

If you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, then the prices keep on fluctuating according to the crop cycle.

In contrast, the prices of packaged food remain constant throughout the year, but become cheaper with time.

As the expiry date gets closer, the canned food becomes cheaper and one day it is kept outside the store for people to have them for free of cost. Hundreds of people wait outside the stores every night at 11 o'clock to have date expired food.

Our nation with a huge population of 135 crore people has been eating fresh fruit and vegetable food till date.

There is a taste of fresh food. There is a cycle of availability of fresh food. Fresh food keeps getting expensive and cheaper over seasons.

It is cyclic so we accept it.

Nowadays there is a ruckus in the news media about the rising prices of tomatoes and green vegetables. It is the lamentation of a slave community which is forgetting its historical & cultural heritage; lamenting its slavery.

India is moving very quickly from the richness of fresh food to the poverty of packaged food.

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