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Personal Taxation

Let's cut the clutter and simplify your personal tax, thus providing for more abundance.


Salary/CTC Structuring
Salary Structring, CTC Components, Documentations, Records, Tax Return Filings


Professional & Self Employed Taxation
Taxation applicability, Presumptive Taxation, Records, Books, Accounts, Audit, Structring, Entity Formation, Tax Return Filings, GST


SME & Small Business Taxation
Entity Formation, Taxation, Presumptive Taxation, GST, Accounts, Books, Records, Audit,Tax Return Filings

HNIs Tax Structring
Tax Planning, Entity Formation, Documentation, Accounts, Records, Documentations, Audit,Tax Return Filings

Property Income Tax
Income from House Property, Commercial Property, Deductions, Exemptions,Tax Return Filings


Capital Gains Tax-property
Computations, Tax Return Filings, Documentations, 15CA& CB


Capital Gains Taxation- Stocks and Mutual Fund
Computations, Tax Return Filings, Documentation, Accounts, Records,


Other Income
Computations, Tax Return Filings, Documentation, Accounts, Records


Deductions & Exemptions
Tax Free Income, Deductions, Exemptions, Computations, Tax Return Filings, Documentation, Accounts, Records

Property (Real Estate)

Explore Real Estate Investing inspite of the changing landscape viz. newer laws, rules, products, tax changes, which make it dynamic and provides new opportunities for building wealth.


Inheritance (Succession)

Transfer (Transmission),  Family Arrangement, Documentation, Release Deeds

Wills & Nominations

Nomination, Wills, Family Settelment, Probate, Succession Certificate, Letter of Administration


Title Issues

Titel related issues, Clearance

Agriculture Land

Buying, Holding, Selling, NA

Housing Society (Maharashtra)

Nomination, Transfer, Transmission, Recovery of Dues, Redevelopment, Bye Laws

Foreign Exchange & Remittance

NRI’s with property and financial assets in India or abroad, and looking at cashing out or wanting to invest back, we guide you with how it works- Indian as well as your countries regulations for the same.


NRI Related-Outward Remittances, 15CA & CB

Documentations, 15CA & CB, Coordination with Banks


RBIs Schemes for Remittances, Limits, Documentations, 15CA & CB

Rmittances After Disposal of Property

15CA & CB, Co Ordination with  Banks

Custom  Rules for Inward & Outward Journeys

Free Allowances & Duty structre, Rules


Transfer (Transmission),  Family Arrangement, Documentation, Release Deeds

Income Tax

Consultation, Advise, TDS, Return Filing, Documentations, Records

NRI Status


Wealth Planning (Investment & Retirement)

From Life Planning to Retirement Planning to Abundance, lets achieve all the milestones, with a handy road map.


Financial Planning based on Risk Profile in various Avenues/Products

Different Asset Classes, Risks, Returns  


Gold & Silver    


Retirement Planning-When, How Much

Life goals Identifications, timing, Inflation, Planning 

Retirement Investment Options

Equity, Debt, MF, Post Office, Annuity Products, Real Estate


How much, in what kind of Products


HUF Planning

Basics, Formation formalities, Benefits, Closure

Common Mistakes in Personal Finance

Estate Planning (Will, Inheritance & more)

You have built your wealth, now let’s plan for passing on the legacy with Succession Planning.


Succession Planning        

Nominations, Wills        
Family Settlement/ Arrangement        
Setting up a Trust        
Probate, Succession Certificate, Letter of Administration        
Succession issues in family-run businesses        
Estate Duty Tax Planning-Likely for HNIs        
Check List for Widows, Children after death of Income Earner        

Personal Taxation
Foreing Exchange & Remittancege
Wealth Planning
Estate Planning
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