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Why these people will never be Rich?

1. Believing that 9-5 job is the only way of life

2. Making career choice based on Society & Parents

3. Being too scared of failures to do anything

4. Taking advice from unsuccessful people

5. Focusing on Saving instead of earning

6. Assuming rich people just got lucky

7. Failing to make any Investments

8. Not setting any financial goals

9. Spending more than they earn

10. Constantly making excuses

11. Not learning new things

12. Lacking self-discipline

13. Most people actually never try at all.

14. Most people have a conformist mindset

15. People who are scared of failure

16. People who complain

17. People that don’t hold themselves accountable

18. People that quit too easily

19. Not investing in yourself

20. Growing complacent in your professional life

21. They waste their precious hours blaming others instead of work on themselves

22. They prefer not to lose their money instead of win

23. Believe that every business opportunity is “a scam”

24. Think that you are not good enough

25. Think that success is for privileged people

26. The most important is the mindset

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”- Edmund Burke


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