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Dilution of entire power structure through Cooperative Banks & APMCs

Why MP Sharad Pawar met PM Modi?

Dark days begins for NCP & Sharad Pawar

Co-operative banks will now be regulated by RBI. NCP is already up in arms but why is Sharad Pawar angry??

Silent dismantling of corrupt eco-system of co-ops & farm produce has started

Control of APMC over farmer produce and then the Co-operative sector was taken away from Congress & NCP

In large parts of Maharashtra, district co-op banks were controlling rural economy which was controlled by Congress & NCP.

Almost a third of India’s 1,500-plus urban cooperative banks are in Maharashtra — the state has 497 operational urban cooperative banks and 31 district central cooperative banks, with total deposits of Rs 2.93 lakh crore.

There is 31 district co-op banks & 300 agri produce market commissions in Maha

100% of these were under control of people associated with either NCP or Congress

Dist. Co-op banks control credit + money

APMCs control demand & supply of agri produce. Anyone who controls both was King of all he surveyed. It also ensured a huge vote bank in the rural sector

Entire socio economic center in rural Maharashtra runs around DCCB's, co-op mills, APMCs & credit societies

Instead of trying to control APMCs, CM Devendra Fadnavis removed control of APMC itself & this was an epic move

Co-op bank structure is 3 layered:

1) There is Urban Co-op banks & then there are District Co-op banks, both dominated by Congress & NCP

2) Above them there is a big boss called Maharashtra State Co-op Bank which has a long list of board of directors

Total 21: 12 members from DCCB's & 2 UCCB's & others nominee of state govt

New Structure: 6 from DCCB's, 6 from UCCB's and rest from state govt

Move: dilution of entire power structure

Congress & NCP leaders are crying hoarse over this move, now you know why the so called farmer leader threatened for a civil war in coming days

There are 300 APMCs almost all controlled by the NCP & Congress. Now, all are left staring at an uncertain future

New rule says farmers will elect directors who are from the same area of operation of APMC as against current rule under which directors were chosen indirectly by gram panchayat's & traders bodies

Second blow: Area of operation restricted to only market yard or sub yard which leads to removing stranglehold on trade & farmers

Spider web wiped out & now farmers set free from shackles of corrupt politicians

Final nail in the coffin: Any APMC which gets 30% arrivals from outside Maha is declared a Market of National Importance, for which the board is to be appointed by the state govt directly. No voting - nothing

Big Market = BIG MONEY

Who controlled -- Congress/NCP

Who lost -- Congress & NCP

Who will win? = Common man

The ecosystem which has been dismantled was the one where money was controlled by the corrupt politicians or their lackeys

Control gram panchayat & then take control over trade body. Use this to control APMC & money supply. Control that and you will find people coming to bank. Set up a bank and control that as well.

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