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We Offer


Let's cut the clutter and simplify your personal tax, thus providing for more abundance.


Wealth Planning 

From Life Planning to Retirement Planning to Abundance, lets achieve all the milestones, with a handy road map.

Estate Planning

You have built your wealth, now let’s plan for passing on the legacy with Succession Planning.


RESTRUCTURE your investments

Aligning your goals and reality


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High Net Worth Individuals

You have worked hard, you have built wealth, you have invested it as well. But there is something still amiss. You have moved up the ladder professionally but your wealth and investments aren’t moving at the same pace.


Let us be your accelerator, your GPS, on this journey to financial abundance


An HNI would be:-

  • High Salaried earner with annual CTC of Rs 50 lakhs

  • Professional, like Doctors, Consultants, Free Lancers, Technocrats with income <Rs 20 lakhs

  • Individual with Wealth above Rs 5 crores

  • Newly minted HNI- made extraordinary gains of Rs 5 crore and above



Family Managed Businesses

Businesses face ups and downs, it's part of the business and Family managed businesses are not immune to these. However, they have their unique challenges due to the business structure and personal relationships involved.


We understand these and can proactively develop ways for moving to the next level like planning IPO, diversification, Mergers & Acquisition, Succession Planning issues.



You have chased your million dollar dream, worked in developed economies. However, your roots are still in India, and India is a developing and fastest-growing economy that holds more promise. So if you are wondering how to go about investing, we are your guide with expertise in Indian and International Investment Options.

An NRI with Properties and financial assets above Rs 2 crore, looking at investing in India or remitting back home.



You turned your passion into a lucrative business, found new ideas and monetized them, found investors, and moved onto the next level by either encashing or growing big. However, the way ahead has lots of financial pitfalls and has to be treaded cautiously.

Be it Tax Issues or investing your wealth corpus, succession planning, and other financial and Investment issues for Startups, Millennials turned Millionaires, we take the stress and guesswork out of the equation, giving you time and energy to enjoy your riches.



Mr. Harshad Shah has been my CA & financial advisor since 2016. While engaged to manage my taxation, he was quickly advising my entire family on financial matters. Benefiting from his market expertise, financial knowledge and relationships across the sector, we have been able to streamline our annual taxation, investment portfolio and manage financial concerns related to real-estate. With Mr. Shah’s broad experience, he is able to advice & assist on a wide range of policy matters impacting wealth & estate planning and has been our go-to person for all queries related to the field. We have thus built a solid level of trust along the way.

—  Archana Keskar  —

Former Country Head, WWE, Inc, USA,

South Asia & South East Asia

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